What do cats see what people don’t see?

The question of what cats see, what people do not see, still worries many, especially those who have a furry creature at home. Everyone sometimes wants to at least once look at the world through the eyes of his beloved, who, for ages, sometimes examines a corner where there is absolutely nothing remarkable. However, sometimes she does not notice a piece of meat slipped right under her nose (however, this happens quite rarely, only if the sense of smell is broken).

Differences in color perception

People used to think that a cat sees the world in black and white. This opinion was based only on assumptions. Since cats are nocturnal animals, and hunt at dusk, it was believed that nature did not endow them with the ability to distinguish other colors. When scientists had more opportunities for research, they refuted the myth.

In fact, cats see blue, and green, and yellow (as well as all shades of these colors). However, they recognize gray better than others. It is proved that nocturnal predators are able to distinguish up to 25 of its shades. The fact that for people is just a gray line, for pets is a whole palette.

A man cannot look at the world through the eyes of a cat, having moved into her body. Of course, there are special devices that make it real. However, each person does not have such equipment at hand. People can get a rough idea of ​​how the cat world is seen. To do this, they need to remove the red ink from the printer and print a color picture. That would be something about her cat would see.

There is another interesting point. It turns out that little kittens, which have just opened their eyes, see this world blue. In front of their eyes there is a continuous stain of just that color. Then various details and other shades gradually begin to emerge.

Superpowers of cat's vision

People do not see much from what is available to the eyesight of cats. This is normal, as the structure of the eyes is very different. For cats, it was a necessity. From vision adapted for hunting small rodents.

Cats continue to do this daily, even if the plate is full of food, and as a game - an ordinary fly. This is instinct. Nature has endowed cute predators, who have been living side by side with people for over ten thousand years, have amazing eyesight.:

  • Cats can see an object located hundreds of meters from it. The maximum distance available to this animal is 800 meters. In this regard, people can “catch up” with their pets only with binoculars.
  • Cats are able to see several objects at once, seemingly looking at one point. Their eyes span about 200 meters wide. At the same time, the images are somehow superimposed on each other and the effect of stereoscopic vision is obtained, which allows the hunter to accurately determine the location of the desired object and calculate her strength before the chase or jump.
  • Cats see well at dusk. A special choroid inside the eye helps them in this, which reflects the absorbed rays. Of course, in complete darkness, she does not "work." It is necessary that at least some light comes in. However, in such situations, the mustache comes to the aid of the cat. Cats are able to "see" with a mustache. This is another feature of animals. Touch for a predator is very important. It is it that allows her not to get lost in a completely dark room and not to stumble on furniture or corners.

Cats can see more than humans. Their eyesight is much sharper. However, with all the pros, he also has cons. For example, cats are worse than people see in daylight. He blinds them and makes the image blurry. That is why you can sometimes notice that the pet squints on a clear sunny day.

Cats are able to see that which is very far from them, but at the same time they will not notice an object located closer than 60 centimeters. Their vision becomes as sharp as possible when it comes to a distance of about 4-6 meters and remains so up to 60 m.

About the other world

Watching their pets, people often come to the conclusion that cats see a parallel world. Strange in the behavior of the pussies push them to such thoughts.:

  • fading in one pose with glass eyes;
  • frisky games with an invisible object;
  • sudden mood changes, forcing the cat to run somewhere or take a fighting pose, when people do not notice anything that could provoke it.

Many people think that cats see something that we don’t see. For example, ghosts or brownies. They talk to them, chase after them, while the owner looks around in disbelief and finds no one.

This opinion is supported by a huge number of stories related to death. For example, about how cats foresee the owner’s departure to another world, becoming nervous and fussy on the eve of his death. Or, without getting down for days from the hands of a person. Animals can often behave very strange.

For example, cats who used to stay away from someone from the household did not like it, and after the death of the latter they literally “stick” to his room, not wanting to leave it for any kind of carriage. People think that the animal sees the soul of the deceased, who has not yet managed to leave her earthly abode.

Often, cats feel the approach of some cataclysms and manage to warn about the impending disaster of people, saving them from certain death. There are many such cases. Quite possibly, the reason is precisely because cats see something inaccessible to us.

Scientists and researchers, for the most part, refute such opinions. They attribute amazing abilities to extremely sharpened eyesight, hearing and animal scent, which allow not only to see, say, a flower located hundreds of meters away, but also to smell it.

People can only dream of such a gift. Cats simply hear an approaching earthquake when even the most sensitive devices are still silent. If we talk about otherworldly forces that supposedly betray the animals signals, then they have nothing to do with it.

You can believe or not believe that cats see something from other worlds. However, the fact that they are supernaturally sensitive, smart and attentive is true. Many abilities surprise people, delight, and make a cat special, mysterious in our eyes.

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